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"Maven of
a million

- Steven Jay Cohen
   Spoken Realms

About Marni

Though in person, Marni comes across as bubbly and friendly, don't let that twinkle in her eye fool you. Beneath the surface lies a depth and range that has given her a successful stage and film career spanning decades. She's been acting onstage since age 8, including 54 productions of 23 of Shakespeare's plays, and co-founded Cincinnati Shakespeare Company (now in its 30th year!)


Marni has performed on stages all over the US and in England and Scotland, and now gets to play ALL the parts in audiobooks recorded in her broadcast-quality home studio, with over 260 titles available on Audible, 500+ large-cast recordings for Graphic Audio (including the ACOTAR, Fourth Wing, and Crescent City series), and 600+ articles narrated for the Curio app.

Check out her range of characters in the gallery below!